Friday, September 1, 2017

The New and Improved TrueGlo Cr Beef

Chances are you’ve already started combing through the pastures of your favorite breeders and sales will start in earnest over the next couple weeks.  Whether you have one that you spotted in the pasture or not soon you'll be bringing that next champion home and we want you to get off to the best possible start so we have been working hard to improve our already popular TrueGlo Cr Beef. 

While the steer you’ll lead into the ring in 2018 was following mom around the pasture here at True North we were working on a brand new formulation for TrueGlo Cr Beef.  We are always striving to improve our products and apply the results of both external and internal research to make innovative solutions. The new TrueGlo Cr Beef is a result of that research and development work.

The end result, of the new formulation is a very concentrated product and over 180 days of product in a bucket.

The components of the new TrueGlo Cr Beef are:

11.  PreVent our patent pending formulation that is proven in field trial od well over a million head of cattle on feed to reduce sickness and improve performance.  It’s been part of our TrueGlo family of products since the beginning.
22.    Duoport GPX from Omni Animal Health is a unique formulation of Amino Acid Chelated Trace minerals that are highly available and are proven to reduce chronic oxidative stress and improve performance in over 200,000 head of cattle in field trials.
33.   Chromium propionates has always been part of the  TrueGlo Cr family of products, It is a highly available source of chromium and the only legal source for cattle.  Chromium increases insulin efficiency and glucose uptake that is critical for proper cellular functions.  On a macro level that improved cellular function has consistently resulted in increased muscle mass.  When you feed chromium propionate from the beginning of the feeding period that increased muscle can be on par with the increase in muscle from beta agonists.
44.  No fillers  

You can learn more about PreVent on our website and how it nutritionally supports the immune system has repeatedly reduced the number of sick cattle in trials and has consistently improved white blood cell counts and activity.  The PreVent video we created for feed yards is something you can view here. PreVent Video  

We began working with Duoport GPX a couple years ago. Chronic oxidative stress is the long-term buildup of metabolic toxins cattle experience during periods of growth and energy production.  There are both anatomical and physiological reasons for chronic oxidative stress but the result is reduced performance, reduced hair growth, lameness associated with hoof integrity and ultimately it can lead to a metabolic crisis like AIP. 

Trace minerals are required for the body to make the enzymes it needs to eliminate these toxins. The problem is that cattle cannot absorb enough of traditional trace minerals. Since Duoport GPX is a true amino acid chelate it can be absorbed in the small intestine through the same mechanism cattle absorb amino acids from protein in effect this more than doubles the ability of cattle to absorb trace minerals.  In recent studies cattle fed Duoport GPX have statistically significant improved antioxidant capacity and lipid peroxidation. In short, the metabolic engines in these cattle simply run cooler.

We have been working with chromium in trials for almost a decade and the results are very consistent. On a cellular level chromium works by improving the efficiency of insulin by a factor of 8 so that cells can take up glucose more efficiently.  What that means to the animal is improved muscle volume an improved immune response and better heat tolerance.  We have conducted numerous trials with chromium propionate over the years and the results have consistently shown increased muscle growth particularly when cattle are fed supplemental chromium from the beginning of the feeding period.

To sum up TrueGlo Cr Beef is a unique combination that has been proven in trials with hundreds of thousands of cattle to support immune function, increase muscle mass, reduce oxidative stress, and improve performance.  Put True North to work in your show barn as soon as you bring that next champion home and get them off to the right start and keep that competitive advantage all the way to the end. You’ll be blown away by the results.