Monday, March 27, 2017

The Science behind True North: TrueCOOL plus TrueGlo Cr Swine

Over the weekend I had a chance to get caught up on some reading. One of the papers that has been on my desk for awhile was from Kemin.  Kemin manufactures the chromium propionate we use in TrueGlo Cr products.  They are a research oriented company that leads the pack in animal health and nutrition.

We have told you all about the effect that chromium has on insulin response and glucose uptake. We've also all come to recognize that with transportation, new environments, and the rigors of the stock show schedule heat stress is an even bigger problem in show stock than it is in our commercial farms.  This research was about the effect that improved glucose uptake has on thermal tolerance.

You can look at their research here.

Using TrueCool and TrueGlo Cr together is the best insurance you can buy to keep your show pigs cool and collected on those hot summer day,  that will be here soon enough.  It is never too late to start getting the benefit of TrueCool and TrueGlo Cr but for best results we recommend starting 5 days before heat stress events or stock shows in the warmer months of the year.

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