Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Product TrueGuardian

In the next few days we will be launching a new product at True North. This is one we have been working on for a few years and we are very excited about the potential it has to improve our customers’ success.
True Guardian is a unique blend of ingredients that can be fed to all classes of livestock but our intent when we developed it was for animals in late pregnancy and through lactation, creep feed, and feed after weaning. It contains unique sources of protein and energy as well as ingredients that support a healthy robust immune system.  There are similarities between TrueGlo and TrueGuardian and there are real differences too.
One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is the effect of feeding TrueGlo to sows, ewes, cows or nannys? My answer was always the same I’d say that there is literature that would support doing it and we do at home. We think it does a lot of good but I don’t have any independent data to back it up.  
If you are going to develop a product to support the immune system in mamas of all species one of the key things you’d be interested in is colostrums and the effect such a product has on colostrum quality and quantity.  That is no small task and even more difficult to get adequate sample size based on the size of most of the herds we work with at True North.
We got a few people to start collecting data but even that didn’t give us a good control / treatment group that we could be confident in. Part of the problem was that when people started to actually measure colostrum and saw the difference they quit doing the trial and the controls started getting fed  the product.
As a result we are coming to market  without our normal independent research but we will share some of  the published research that led us to investigate this product. We think it is too important to make our customers wait any longer to start seeing the benefits.
Research and real life experience has proven that supplementing the dam’s diets with TrueGuardian helps support her immune system and her colostrum quantity and quality.  
In the trial represented by this chart total colostrum antibodies were  increased in the group that received a product like TrueGuardian.

In other trials feeding a product like TrueGuardian resulted in improved preweaning mortality and improved weaning weight.  The researchers theorized that the improved performance were due to the improvement in colostrums quality and quantity and a decrease in shedding for pathogens like E. coli.

The performance advantage continued after weaning. Pigs that were fed TrueGuardian after weaning 
What was a 1.7 pound advantage for pigs weaned from sows fed TrueGuardian becomes a 4.1 pound advantage 4 weeks later. Similar results have been documented in calves, lambs, and kids.

The next critical phase in a young animal’s life is weaning. Researchers postulated that the improved performance for TrueGuardian after weaning is because it supports the changes in the intestinal microflora as they transition from milk to solid feed.
We will get TrueGuardian on our website over the next few days. In the meantime it is $40 for a 10# bucket and includes directions for both a topdress and mixing in complete feeds. The 10# bucket provides enough product to topdress over 400 days of feed for a sow, ewe, or nanny and over 200 days for cattle.  If you would like some right away, give us a call  and we’ll get it on a UPS truck.