Saturday, December 15, 2012

More Trial Results

We have written before about the benefit of the Beta Glucans in TrueGlo to the immune system. They work by improving macrophage function while simultaneously decreasing some of the negative acute phase proteins the immune system generates.
In this document we will review some of the other trial work we did this fall that demonstrates why active macrophages in high numbers are very important to your animals. In the next entry we are going to review some recent research that was done on the interaction between Beta Glucans and mycotoxins.
In the work we did this fall we attempted to simulate a show pig being hauled to a show where they are exposed to disease and brought home. In this case the disease we challenged them with was Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App.) One group was fed our TrueGlo product and treated with Draxxin, another group was not fed TrueGlo but was treated with Draxxin . The third group was untreated  before or after challenge.  We measured both mortality and the percentage of the lung diseased at the conclusion of the trial.
We chose Draxxin as the antibiotic for two reasons. First, show pig exhibitors commonly use Draxxin. Second, it is in a class of antibiotics known as macrolides and they concentrate in the macrophage and use these cells to get access to the disease causing bacteria. What we thought going into the trial was that because Beta Glucans increase both the number and the activity of macrophages we would get a better response from these antibiotics when animals were receiving TrueGlo. We were right! 

Feeding TrueGlo improved the performance of Draxxin in this trial. Pigs supplemented with TrueGlo had 3 times better chance of surviving the challenge and had about 30% less damage to their lungs than pigs that were treated with Draxxin alone.  
Using antibiotics responsibly is in the livestock industry’s best interest. We need to use them judiciously and when our animals get sick we need to make sure we are getting the most we can out of the antibiotics we have available. In this regulatory environment, we are not getting any new antibiotics anytime soon so we need the ones we have to work for a long time. Feeding a supplement like TrueGlo is one way to reduce the use of antibiotics and make sure they have the very best chance of working when you do. 

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