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October 2012

Many of you will get this in your email box in the next few days. Until then you can read it here.
Why we do what we do
Almost every week we get phone calls and notes from our customers. Our favorites are ones like the two that I have copied.  

One of our goals is to make products that not only help the best elite feeders get the most out of the pigs they are feeding but also help average and even novice feeders have a more enjoyable experience. 

These letters come from average families that have a show pig project. 

They also have dance recitals, ball games, track meets, and a hundred other things going on. These families don’t eat on a regular schedule and neither do their show pigs. With all the rides needed Mom’s taxi cannot run on a regular schedule that gets them to the pig barn at the same time every day. 

The teens that feed these pigs are incredibly adept at detecting subtle differences in the text messages their friends send but they might be a bit distracted when it comes to noticing subtle differences in their pig from day to day. 

We are talking about the effects of TrueGlo on muscle in this issue of our newsletter and that is important and the increased drive your pigs will make your show ring experience much better.

The features of TrueGlo that make pigs eat and keeps them eating are threefold. First, the flavoring agents we use have a very pleasant odor and it will bring pigs to the feeder to investigate as soon as you top-dress it. Then over the long haul the probiotics, yeast, and MOS in TrueGlo stimulate a healthy appetite and a healthy digestive system. It is because of that healthy digestive system that pigs stay on feed when the inevitable inconsistent feeding schedule happens.  Last the beta glucans in TrueGlo stimulate the immune system, which helps keep them on an even keel with fewer subtle day-to-day differences for teen feeders to notice or not notice. 

“Thank You,
My daughter used your product all season on her market hog,…
The judge said she brought her in absolutely perfect, there was nothing he would have done differently feeding, fit or nutrition wise, and congratulated my daughter on a "perfect "job.
That was the only pig he said that about at the show.
Our pigs looked healthy, fresh and vibrant.
Thanks to you and your product, we had a a very successful 4 H year .”

“Thank You As soon as we started top dressing the TrueGlo product both of our finicky eaters went right to the feeder and they never missed another feeding all year.
They both made weight and when you told me they would 3 months ago I thought you were out of your mind. Thanks again we never had as much fun feeding pigs as we did this year!”

Better experiences like these for great kids and families is why we do what we do. Give us a call we’d love to play a small role making your project more fun and successful.


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The Skinny on Muscle
Muscle! Muscle! Muscle!

Whether you show cattle, hogs, sheep or goats you want more muscle and you need the right kind of muscle to get into the champion drive.

This is how TrueGlo can help muscle work better and  get more of the right kind of muscle.

Warning Science Content!

I'm sorry in advance but to understand the issue we are going to have to get our geek on for a bit..

Skeletal muscle contains two general types of muscle fibers. Type 1 also called slow twitch muscle fiber are the fibers that are slow to fatigue and important if you are a long distance runner. Type 2 are called fast twitch they fatigue quickly and produce lactic acid and are important for sprinters.

In the early part of exercise the fast twitch muscles are the most active and as lactic acid starts to build up you feel the "burn" and the slow twitch fibers take over. 

If you do long durations of exercise consistently your muscles begin to favor the Type 1 slow twitch fibers. There is nothing wrong with that but it does not work well for show stock.

Think about it this way if the exercise program favors the Type 2 fast twitch muscles you or your livestock will have a look closer to an NFL running back.

If your exercise program favors the Type 1 slow twitch muscles the end result looks more like a marathon runner.

Obviously the look we are after in all species of show stock is a lot closer to the running back than the marathon runner.

So what does this have to do with TrueGlo?

The octacosanol in TrueGlo does two things to help you get the look and the performance you want. First, octacosanol improves the ability of the muscle to metabolize and get rid of the lactic acid. Lactic acid is what causes the "burn" you feel when you exercise and it is what feeds the Type 1 muscle fibers.

Getting rid of the lactic acid increases the amount of time your stock can exercise before activating the Type 1 fibers.

The second benefit is by improving the muscle fiber metabolic activity endurance is greatly increased. That means your lamb, goat, calf or hog is going to drive flat out longer than the competition.

Those are the reasons that octacosanol is one of a handful of performance supplements that are listed in the US Navy Seal Fitness Manual. The Navy Seals use it because it works and it will give you the competitive edge in the show ring.

TrueGlo provides the precise calibrated daily dose of octacosanol to get you in the champion drive.

Order Your TrueGlo Here or Ask your local feed supplier to carry TrueGlo.

Features and Benefits of TrueGlo
  •  Probiotics for Improved Digestive Health and Better Appetite
  •  Prebiotics for Improved Digestive Immunity
  •  β Glucan Polysaccharides for Improved General Immunity
  •  Octacosanol for Improved Muscle Development and Endurance
  •  Combination of Palatable ingredients for Improved Appetite
  •  All Natural So There is No Withdrawal

Congratulations to True North customer Diamond V Show Pigs on their Champion Crossbred boar at the National Swine Registry Summer Type Conference in Louisville this summer.

If you have question please call us at 888.603.2459
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